Metro Shelving Products is a division of Design Team America, Inc., an authorized Gold Seal Dealer for Genuine Metro Products exclusively.  We provide commercial quality storage solutions for the Electronics, Cleanroom, Laboratory, Health Care, Hospitality, Municipal, Office, Retail and Food Service Industries.  Quick Link to Super Erecta Wire and Solid Shelving Solutions with Accessories.


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Our Product Specialists offer comprehensive product knowledge, specification assistance, special quotations and professional service.  Metro Shelving Products welcomes all orders without handling fees or minimums.  In-stock items ship within 48 hours from one of three factory locations in Pennsylvania, Tennessee or California, USA.

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    Security Cage Locker -Mobile Security Cage Locker - Stationary Top-Track Floor Pad Protectors Manager's Work Station.
    Security Cage Locker - MobileSecurity Cage Locker - StationaryTop-Track Floor Pad ProtectorsManager's Work Station - 30" Wide





    myCart 1627 Series Metro Super Erecta Pro Metro Aluminum Split Sleeves MetroMount w/Sliding Mouse Tray
    myCart 1627 Series* NEW PRODUCT * SUPER ERECTA PRO SHELFAluminum Split Sleeves with Stainless RingsMetroMount 48" Combo Wallcenter w/ 16" Extension Arm





    Basic Cart MetroMount w/sliding ambedextrous mouse tray Double Sided Bin Cart Bedside Cart
    Basix Plus Cart 1, SolidMetroMount 48" Desktop WallcenterDouble-Sided Bin CartFlexline Bedside Cart - 36" High





    Lifeline Code Response Cart #LECCRP6 Metro Lodgix Houserunner Carts Mobile Lab Table w/Stainless Top & Solid MetroMax i Shelf Metro Split Sleeves, 4-pack
    LECCRP6 Code Response CartLodgix Houserunner Pro CartsMobile Lab Table w/Stainless Top & Solid MetroMax i ShelfReplacement Plastic Split Sleeves





    Metro Security Bulk Wine Units, Chrome Transfer/Exchange Carts Super Erecta Wall Kit - Post Type A Wire Basket for Side Storage
    Security Bulk Wine Unit, ChromeStandard Duty Transfer/Exchange CartsSuper Erecta Wall Kit - Post Type "A"Wire Basket





    MetroMax i Shelf & Basket Cart MWG 300 Series Utility Cart, galvanized solid shelves MWS 200 Series Standard Duty Utility Cart, Galvanized 3-Shelf MetroMax Q Convenience Pak
    MetroMax i Shelf & Basket CartMWG 300 Series Utility Cart, Galvanized Solid ShelvesMWG 200 Series Standard Duty Utility Cart, Galvanized 3-ShelfMetroMax Q Convenience Pak





    Mobile Basket Shelf Cart Stencil Storage Rack - Type A - Chrome Metro Deluxe Garment Rack with Cover Metro Slanted Shelf, Chrome
    Mobile Basket Shelf CartStencil Storage Rack - Type A - ChromeDeluxe Garment Rack with CoverSuper Erecta Slanted Shelf - Chrome





    Metro Super Adjustable 2 Starter & Add-On Units Metro Prep Table Metro Super Erecta Pro Convenience Pak, 4-tier Reel Shelving
    Super Adjustable 2 Starter & Add-On Units, 18" Deep, ChromePrep TableSuper Erecta Pro Convenience Pak, 4-tierReel Shelving (Super Erecta)





    SiteSelect Posts SiteSelect Posts Metro Appeal Display Shelving MetroMax Q Standard Shelf with Grid Mat
    *BEST SELLER* Super Erecta Shelves, Black*BEST SELLER* Super Erecta SiteSelect Posts, Black*NEW DESIGN* Appeal Display Shelving*NSF APPROVED! MetroMax Q Grid Shelf





    Metro Super Wide Super Erecta Shelving, Metroseal 3 Metro Economy Wine Rack Metro Erecta Shelf Shelving Standard Work Table with Bottom H Frame
    *SUPER WIDE! Super Erecta Shelves, Metroseal 3Economy Wine RackErecta Shelf Wall KitHD Super Work Table-30" Wide, Stainless Steel





    MetroMax i Polymer Posts MetroMax i Standard Grid Shelf Metro Standard Caster Metro EZ Super Erecta Pak, Brite
    MetroMax i Polymer PostsMetroMax i Standard Grid ShelfSuper Erecta 5" Resilient Rubber Stem CasterSuper Erecta Convenience Pak, Brite





    Dunnage Platform Metro Super Erecta Shelves, Brite Metro EZ Super Erecta Solid Shelf Convenience Pak, Galvanized (4) Open Grid Shelf Mats.
    Super Erecta Dunnage Platform (Standard Duty), ChromeSuper Erecta Shelves, ChromeSuper Erecta Solid Shelf Convenience Pak, GalvanizedMetroMax Q Stem Caster Cart w/Open Grid Shelves





    Standard Duty Cart Metro Shelf Divider Metro 4" Shelf Ledges Metro Slanted Shelf, Black
    MW700 Series Std. Duty Utility Carts, Chrome-3 shelf8" Shelf Dividers, Black, White or Chrome4" Super Erecta Shelf Ledges, Black, White, Chrome, Side or BackSuper Erecta Slanted Shelf - Black





    Solid Shelves/Louvered Shelves, Galvanized Super Adjustable Stem Caster Carts, Chrome Mobile Unit with Drawers MetroMount w/Sliding Mouse Tray
    Solid Shelves/Louvered Shelves, GalvanizedSuper Adjustable 2 Stem Caster Cart/4-Tier, Chrome Mobile Unit with DrawersMetroMount 48" Combo Wallcenter





    MetroMount w/Sliding ambedextrous mouse tray MetroMount w/Sliding Mouse Pads MetroMount w/Sliding Mouse Pads Metro Starsys Double-Wide Unit with Overhead
    MetroMount 48" Desktop Wallcenter w/ 16" Extension ArmMetroMount HD 48" Combo WallcenterMetroMount HD 48" Combo Wallcenter w/ 18" Extension ArmMobile Laboratory Work Center - Solid Surface Top