*BEST SELLER* Super Erecta SiteSelect Posts - Black

Metro Super Erecta SiteSelect Posts in black are fitted with adjustable leveling bolts to compensate for uneven surfaces. Posts are grooved at 1" increments, numbered at 2" increments and are double grooved every 8" for easy identification. Order Super Erecta or Super Adjustable 2 Shelves and Posts separately.

These posts are available in 7", 13", 27", 33", 54", 63", 74" and 86" (191, 370, 699, 875, 1385, 1590, 1895, 2200, 2454mm) heights. Posts are 1" (25mm) in diameter.

For product specification sheet 10.14, click here.

For finish application chart, click here.

*Special height posts are available for an additional charge.  Order standard height post (1) size larger than the desired cut height. (Note: 7" or 27" posts cannot be cut) Allow a 15 - 20 working day leadtime for cut posts. Please "check" the cut dimension box and specify height, whole numbers only (ie: 32, 44, etc.) Cut posts are non-cancelable and non-returnable.

Catalog nos. 7PBL, 13PBL, 27PBL, 33PBL, 54PBL, 63PBL, 74PBL, 86PBL

SiteSelect Posts
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  • Item #: PBL Series
  • Manufacturer: Metro
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