Tote Box Covers - Clear Insert

Metro's Divider Tote Box Line offers clear insert covers for Tote Boxes.  Choose the corresponding cover for your tote from the following:

For Tote Box                                             Order Insert Cover

TB91000 Series or MTB91035W                           CI91000CLR

TB92000 Series or MTB92035W**                        CI92000CLR

TB92000 Series or MTB92060W**                        CI92000CLR

TB93000 Series or MTB93030W                           CI93000CLR

TB93000 Series or MTB93060W                           CI93000CLR

TB93000 Series or MTB93080W                           CI93000CLR

TB93000 Series or MTB93120W                           CI93000CLR


For product specification sheet 16.65, click here.

*Insert cover has (1) finger hole for easy removal.


Clear insert cover.
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  • Item #: CI9000CLR Series
  • Manufacturer: Metro
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Price $17.22

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