Super Erecta 5" Polymer Stem Caster

Metro Super Erecta 5" Polymer Stem Casters offer corrosion resistant performance: all-polymer horn, stainless steel axle and hardware, 5" (127mm) diameter polyurethane wheel and sleeve-style axle bearing.  Stem casters are shipped with donut bumpers at no extra charge.  Load rating of 300 lbs. (135kg) and temperature range from -20 degrees to 120 degress F.  Units using this caster should not exceed 900lbs (405kg). Available optionally with antimicrobial product protection built into the tread (Swivel and Swivel Brake only).  Fits Super Erecta Caster Posts. Choose Swivel, Swivel Brake or Rigid caster.

For product specification sheet 11.20, click here.

*Rigid casters are held in position by a connecting channel.  When ordering rigid casters please check the "shelf depth" box and indicate shelf depth (14", 18", 21" or 24").

Catalog nos. 5PC, 5PCB, 5PCR, 5PCM, 5PCBM

MetroMax iQ Polymer Stem Casters
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  • Item #: 5PC Series
  • Manufacturer: Metro
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Price $67.28

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