SmartWall Wall Uprights - Metroseal Finish

The SmartWall system offers a unique storage solution for empty walls or anywhere there is under utilized space.  The wall tracks offer flexibility to add wall mounted shelving or accessories wherever it is needed (ie: above sinks, over work tables, above equipment).  This system helps keep areas cleaner and more organized.

Order tracks, uprights, shelf supports, shelves and accessories separately to design your own system. The shelf brackets are compatible with Metro Super ErectaSuper Adjustable and MetroMax i, MetroMax 4 and MetroMax Q shelves.

The SmartWall uprights are available in 15", 30", 45", 72" and 85" (380, 761, 1142, 1829, 2159mm) heights. Metroseal 3 and 4 finishes, NSF listed. Built-in slots allow shelf supports and grids to attach without tools or hardware. Slot spacing is 1½" (38mm) and allows shelves and grids to be adjusted on 1½" increments.  The 15" upright has 7 slots, 30" has 17 slots and 45" has 26 slots. 

The Metro® Metroseal Finish is a multi-layer corrosion resistant finish consisting of a proprietery cross linked thermoset epoxy enhanced with Microban antimicrobial protection over a zinc chromate coating. Metroseal  with Microban provides protection from bacteria, mold, mildew, and fungi build-up that may cause odor, stains, and product degradation, while displaying excellent abrasion, gouge, and chemical resistance properties. Metroseal  is intended for use in damp locations and has a 12-year limited warranty against rust formation.

For product information sheet LO9-023, click here.

For product specification sheet 10.42, click here.

Please select from the following:

  • SWU15K3, 15" Green Metroseal K3
  • SWU15K4, 15" Gray Metroseal K4
  • SWU30K3, 30" Green Metroseal K3
  • SWU30K4, 30" Gray Metroseal K4
  • SWU45K3, 45" Green Metroseal K3
  • SWU45K4, 45" Gray Metroseal K4
  • SWU72K4, 72", Gray Metroseal K4
  • SWU85K4, 85", Gray Metroseal K4 

Note: SmartWall tracks, uprights and shelf supports are not compatible with earlier generations of original SmartWall or SmartWall Plus.

SmartWall G3 Uprights - Metroseal Finishes
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  • Item #: SWU-K Series
  • Manufacturer: Metro
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Price $62.56

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