SmartLever Add-On Kit - 36" high

Metro's SmartLever™ multifunctional storage and workstation units begin with a modular upright frame.  The open smart design provides visibility and access to all items by eliminating the need for front upright supports.  SmartLever™ can be configured as a freestanding unit or with add-ons to give you ultimate flexibilty for any layout or process improvement project.  Adjustable support arms in 2" (51mm) increments, allows you to make the most of vertical space on every level.  The SmartLever™ structure is fabricated in heavy gauge cold rolled steel electroplated with a dark gray epoxy coating, stainless steel hardware and carries a 10 year limited warranty against rust formation.  SmartLever™ is compatible with standard Super Erecta wire, solid, louver and Super Erecta Pro shelving.

This SmartLever™ Add-On Kits are available in 18", 21" and 30" (457, 533 and 762mm) widths and 36", 42", 48", 60" and 72" (914, 1067, 1219, 1524 and 1829mm) lengths.  The kit includes (1) upright, (1) leg, (2) cross braces, (2) cross bars and hardware for one Add-On structural unit. Shelves, work surfaces and support arms must be ordered separately.  Please select from the following:

  • SM361836-ADD, accommodates 18"x36" Metro Shelves, O.D. 22"w x 39"l x 36"h.
  • SM361842-ADD, accommodates 18"x42" Metro Shelves, O.D. 22"w x 45"l x 36"h.
  • SM361848-ADD, accommodates 18"x48" Metro Shelves, O.D. 22"w x 51"l x 36"h.
  • SM361860-ADD, accommodates 18"x60" Metro Shelves, O.D. 22"w x 63"l x 36"h.
  • SM361872-ADD, accommodates 18"x72" Metro Shelves, O.D. 22"w x 75"l x 36"h.
  • SM362136-ADD, accommodates 21"x36" Metro Shelves, O.D. 25"w x 39"l x 36"h.
  • SM362142-ADD, accommodates 21"x42" Metro Shelves, O.D. 25"w x 45"l x 36"h.
  • SM362148-ADD, accommodates 21"x48" Metro Shelves, O.D. 25"w x 55"l x 36"h.
  • SM362160-ADD, accommodates 21"x60" Metro Shelves, O.D. 25"w x 63"l x 36"h.
  • SM362172-ADD, accommodates 21"x72" Metro Shelves, O.D. 25"w x 75"l x 36"h.
  • SM363036-ADD, accommodates 30"x36" Metro Shelves, O.D. 34"w x 39"l x 36"h.
  • SM363042-ADD, accommodates 30"x42" Metro Shelves, O.D. 34"w x 45"l x 36"h.
  • SM363048-ADD, accommodates 30"x48" Metro Shelves, O.D. 34"w x 51"l x 36"h.
  • SM363060-ADD, accommodates 30"x60" Metro Shelves, O.D. 34"w x 63"l x 36"h.
  • SM363072-ADD, accommodates 30"x72" Metro Shelves, O.D. 34"w x 75"l x 36"h.


  • Work surface or shelf:  600 lbs. (272kg)
  • Dunnage rack must not exceed 1,000 lbs. (45kg)
  • Total weight capacity per unit (including bottom dunnage shelf):  2800 lbs. (1271kg).

For product specification sheet 17.30, click here.

For assembly instructions sheet L01-609, click here.

SmartLever Add-On Kit
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  • Item #: SM36-ADD
  • Manufacturer: Metro
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Price $196.52

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