Rods and Tabs for Wire Shelves - Chrome

Metro's Rods and Tabs in chrome finish form side and back enclosures for a shelving unit.  They can also serve as uniform dividers within the unit by passing through shelves from top to bottom.  Recommended spacing:  every 6" (150mm) to 12" (305mm), depending upon shelf contents.  Rods are available in the following lengths:

  • #R52C, 52" (1320mm) for post lengths of 54" (1371mm)
  • #R61C, 61" (1549mm) for post lengths of 63" (1600mm)
  • #R72C, 72" (1830mm) for post lengths of 74" (1880mm)
  • #R84C, 84" (2135mm) for post lengths of 86" (2184mm)

*Please note that Rods are shipped with (4) Tabs (in zinc finish) per rod.  Additional Tabs, available in bags of 12, (part no:  9084Z) are available and and must be ordered separately.

For product specification sheet 10.04, click here.

Rods and Tabs for Wire Shelves
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  • Item #: RC Series
  • Manufacturer: Metro
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Price $10.15

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