Mobile Slanted-Shelf Merchandiser

Metro Mobile Slanted-Shelf Merchandisers create a premium presentation with slanted shelves that add visibility and accessibility. Loading is quick, easy and organized.  Open wire construction and slope of shelves permit instant identification.  Shelves are adjustable at 1" (25mm) increments along the height of the post. 5" (127mm) casters add mobility while brakes lock firmly in position. 

For product specification sheet 31.50, click here.

This cart is ideal for retail display where mobility is a must.  Super Erecta construction in chrome finish. Shipped knocked down, easily assembled. Select from (6) model variations and sizes as follows:

  • DC15EC - 18" x 24" x 60" h (457x610x1525mm) with (4) Slanted Shelves, (1) Flat Top Shelf and (12) Dividers.
  • DC16EC - 18" x 24" x 60" h (457x610x1524mm) with (5) Slanted Shelves and (12) Dividers.
  • DC35EC - 18" x 36" x 60" h (457x910x1524mm) with (4) Slanted Shelves and (1) Flat Top Shelf.
  • DC36EC - 18" x 36" x 70" h (457x910x1778mm) with (5) Slanted Shelves.
  • DC55EC - 18" x 48" x 60" h (457x1220x1525mm) with (4) Slanted Shelves and (1) Flat Top Shelf.
  • DC56EC - 18" x 48" x 70" h (457x1220x1778mm) with (5) Slanted Shelves.

Load Rating: 400 lbs. (181kg) per unit.

Additional slanted shelves, flat top shelves and dividers can be ordered separately.

Catalog nos:  DC15EC, DC16EC, DC35EC, DC36EC, DC55EC, DC56EC


Tote Storage Cart with slanted dispenser racks
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  • Item #: DC-EC Series
  • Manufacturer: Metro
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Price $1,004.36

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