MetroMax i Standard Grid Shelf

Strong like wire shelving and more economical than stainless steel, MetroMax i Polymer Shelving provides superior corrosion resistance with Microban antimicrobial product protection.  The shelves with their removable polymer mats are easy to clean, while the smooth, flat surfaces protect packaged shelf contents from unwanted rips, tears or damage.

MetroMax i Standard Polymer Grid shelves include removable mats and one bag of wedges.  Corrosion proof with a lifetime warranty against corrosion or rust; all shelf mats, posts and touch points have built-in Microban protection.  Order MetroMax i shelves and posts separately.

Available in 18" and 24" (457, 610mm) depths and 24", 36", 42", 48", 60" and 72" (457, 610, 914, 1220, 1524, 1829mm) lengths.  NSF Approved.

The load capacity (evenly distributed) for shelf lengths up to 48" is 800 lbs. (363kg) and for shelf lengths 54" and longer is 600 lbs. (272kg).

For product specification sheet 9.20, click here.

*Actual Dimensions:  Width:  Add 1/4" (6mm) to nominal size.  Length:  Subtract 1/4" (6mm) from nominal size.

Note: These shelves are not compatible with original MetroMax. 

Catalog nos. MX1824G, MX1830G, MX1836G, MX1842G, MX1848G, MX1854G, MX1860G, MX1872G, MX2424G, MX2430G, MX2436G, MX2442G, MX2448G, MX2454G, MX2460G, MX2472G

MetroMax i Standard Grid Shelf
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  • Item #: MXG Series
  • Manufacturer: Metro
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Price $153.68

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