Catheter Procedure Cart - Double Bulk Storage

Metro Catheter Procedure Carts are ideal for catheter storage in the O.R., E.R., radiology, cardiac lab, central supply and other areas of healthcare facilities.  These units hold all styles and sizes of catheter packages - on hook, on shelves or in tote boxes and bins.  Catheter hooks are easily secured onto bars and can be adjusted to accommodate peel pouches 3” (76mm) or greater in width and up to 58” (1473mm) long.  Bars can be adjusted along the length of the bar assembly.  Shelves can be added or adjusted to meet specific storage requirements.

Catheters are easily organized by dedicating a catheter hook or series of hooks to specific types of catheters.  Tote box systems and bins offer additional organization.  They are standard with deluxe models and can be ordered as accessories for other models.  Clear plastic label holders attach to end of hooks to identify the type of catheter by style, size or application.  Tote boxes have snap-on clear card holders while bins have slide-on slots for labels.  Shelf label holders are included to identify shelf contents.

The Super Erecta construction cart design allows easy access of catheters from hooks, tote boxes or bins.  5” (127mm) polyurethane swivel casters (2 w/brakes) allow for easy maneuverability.  The carts are available in three styles and 6 models, chrome finish.

For specification sheet 30.47, please click here.

This Double Bulk Storage Cart style has four tubular bars and a top and bottom shelf.  Select from the following two sizes with accessories.  Select from the following two sizes:

  • #CPC55EC2, 24”x48”x80”h (610x1220x2032mm), includes 64 hooks and label holders (max 13 per bar), (8) bars, (2) 24”x4”h (610x102mm) and (1) 48”x4”h (1220x102mm) ledges.
  • #CPC56EC2, 24”x60”x80”h (610x1525x2032mm), includes 80 hooks and label holders (max 17 per bar), (8) bars, (2) 24”x4”h (610x102mm) and (1) 60”x4”h (2032x102mm) ledges.

Optional Accessories (i.e. hooks, tote boxes, bins etc) are available and must be ordered separately.

Catheter Procedure Cart - Double Bulk Storage
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  • Item #: CPCEC2 Series
  • Manufacturer: Metro
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Price $1,757.83

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